Accidents and injuries resulting from them are a leading cause of death and disability. The benefit of healthy living in reducing medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes is well known. What may not be as obvious is the fact that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you to curtail the negative impact of your injuries if you are the victim of an accident. To cut back on the risk of serious injury, follow these tips.


Maintain a Healthy Weight

Carrying extra weight can affect your reflexes, causing you to react to an accident more slowly. At times, it is a precious few seconds that determines whether you survive an accident with relatively minor injuries or have something much worse. An injury can also be exacerbated by other health issues related to your excess weight. Even losing a few pounds can help prevent a serious injury.

Improve Your Physical Condition

It has been found that the better shape you are in, the less likely you are to sustain serious injuries from an accident. Clearly, a lot has to do with the extent of the accident, but regular exercise can help improve your balance and coordination, which will help you react to the accident better.

Fuel Up Right

Healthy eating habits will improve your mental awareness, strength, coordination, and reflexes. In addition to getting plenty of low-fat proteins, fruits and vegetables in your diet, consider taking supplemental Vitamin D, which has been found to promote muscle strength and balance. And make sure to stay hydrated, particularly when it is warm or you are exercising. Lack of hydration can lead to distraction, which is dangerous in an accidental situation.

Take Preventable Steps

Be attentive to things you can do that will help prevent serious injury in the case of an accident. When in your car, fasten the seatbelt, adjust your seat and mirrors properly and make sure there are no loose objects that could fly around in an accident. Pay attention to your surroundings, turn the music down so you can hear what is going on around you and watch for potential hazards in your way. And finally, wear safety accessories, such as a helmet or eyeglasses whenever appropriate.

Regardless of how careful you are, you may find yourself the victim of an accident where you are injured. Whether your injury is minor or serious, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional personal injury attorney such as DJ Hernandez. Your attorney can help you assess the accident and the circumstances surrounding it, help you determine your options, and get you on the road to recovery quickly.