A mere thought can never be beneficial unless implemented on a serious note. The same was worth me when I decided to join the gym in the New Year. It was just a random thought to get fit and strengthen the level of my capabilities. The functional training and workouts this gym offered were highly appealing when I browsed through the website of this health fitness center.

Tired of my schedules I was not at all able to take care of my physique and maintain a constant body. The gym was one such solution which helped me get in shape and also maintain my muscles strength and stamina. Joining this gym I marked great changes in my life.


The level of opportunities rose higher and higher with a proper fit and trim body. My friends started complimenting me and I got more attention at any casual gathering with them. Also, the behavior of many of my colleagues towards me changed. My boss looked ahead for my opinions positively and approached me to accompany him to many places. I was so happy that a mere thought of joining gym benefited me to such a great extent.

It was simply great to talk to the trainers of this gym. They were readily there to support and assist me through the various sections of the gym before making the final decision. This highly attracted me to get firm enough to join it.

Being an active member of the gym for two years now, I have achieved a perfect physique and transformed my muscles and stamina in the most effective way. Having great experience of every session and training taught in the gym, I can firmly say whoever joins it can get great results. The efficient trainers put their best after you and assist you to get a toned body with strength. I realized the fact that I have gained great results after joining the gym. Until that moment gym was only fun and a routine activity to stay fit.

However, it became more important to me when I understood the benefits associated with it.

The basic categories of workout included the following sessions:

 Cardio Station

In this type of workout, the focus was built on strengthening the heart. It was a simple and easy exercise to keep my heart healthy.

 Strength Zone

This zone included all the strength training exercises required on daily basis. It was so obvious that had I not joined this gym, I would have never practiced these actives regularly.

Group X

This category included aerobics, step aerobics, yoga power and movement and Zumba classes through which I practiced structured movements smoothening the oxygen flow in my body.

Functional Training

The functional training included general exercises which were used for physical rehabilitation needs. It was a specialized form of the program with advanced functional training sessions.

Weight Management

The major reason for me to join gym was to get a perfect physique and maintain weight. By practicing all the above sessions and training methods, my weight was automatically reduced.