Buying mobility aids for senior members of your family and loved ones can be a great idea. This will allow them to keep their independence thus giving peace of mind that they will be able to look after themselves when you are not around. However, it can be a difficult task to know which mobility aids for the elderly would be more appropriate.

Although elderly individuals have different mobility needs, there are certain mobility aids in the market that suits certain types of people such as UKS Mobility aids for the elderly.


Whether you a purchasing from the local council, a private company or a mobility center, you should have a good assessment of your needs to help you find the right product. If you are not sure about which products would suit your loved one or friend, there are certain factors you can consider. Failure to research on the most appropriate product, you might purchase the wrong product.

Choose a reputable supplier good business will make sure they sell you quality and the right products that would suit the mobility needs of your loved one. There are two ways of determining if a seller is reputable:

  • Choose one which has been personally recommended by a trusted friend or relative who has bought from them.
  • Check whether they are registered members of a recognized trade organization. If so, they are more likely to comply with the organizations’ code of practice covering responsible selling and efficient handling. Quality is an important consideration when purchasing any type of mobility equipment, whether a scooter, a bath board, bench, a bath lift, a stair lift or a wheelchair. You would not want to purchase a scooter today and buy another one a few months to come. Always make sure the aids you purchase are of good quality and manufactured by a reputable firm.

Cost Costs of mobility equipment vary depending on various factors. Some will be more expensive because they are branded while some would be cheaper simply because they are manufactured by newer companies. It is also possible to find good quality second-hand products in the market at relatively cheaper prices. Ensure you create a good budget plan before buying this equipment.

Warranty and guarantee Ensure you check which guarantee cover, and the speed of response to call-outs. Different sellers sell their products on different terms and conditions, consider comparing the terms of at least four sellers. However, you should also budget for when your guarantee runs out and for insurance.

Maintenance Keeping the equipment is paramount to making it last and serve for long. Check out what day-to-day or weekly maintenance and servicing is recommended. Apart from prolonging the life of your equipment, good maintenance will also prevent big expenses on repairs.

Make the right decision Before getting out of the shop with a mobility aid, think about how you want to use them. Do you want an aid that will enable the user to get to the shops a couple of time or one that can enable him or her to make longer trips?

Also, think whether you need one which can be carried in a car. When purchasing mobility aids for the elderly, it is important that you make the right choice. First of all, make sure you purchase an aid that will appropriately serve the need at hand. Ensure you purchase a good quality product from reputable sellers who have in the industry for a considerable period of time.