The holiday season is fast approaching. Once again it’s the sun and sand time of the year, time to head to the warm sandy beaches of Akumal. Since I own a holiday home in Akumal, I make it a point to visit it during Christmas holidays. For the first few years, I used to revel in Mexico food, wine and partying. Slowly my age caught up with me. I noticed that slowly and steadily I have begun to pack those holiday calories on my belly.

While I am a regular gym-goer and keep myself fit, my four week holiday in Mexico makes me gain weight easily. I can’t blame Mexico for this because Mexico is a food lover’s paradise. But last year I vowed to keep a watch on my diet during the holidays and not slip up. I succeeded in not only keeping my weight intact but also became more shredded.


Curious to know how?  Here is my list of secrets. Don’t share it with anyone

Run baby run:

Running is my secret number one. After late-night parties, it was difficult for me to get up for a jog but I made sure that whenever I was near the beach, I would sprint for few minutes. I did that many times in a day (I am a beach lover). If you don’t like running you can play beach football or any other activity which involves short laps of sprints. Since I used to do this almost every day; I immediately noticed a difference in my leanness. If you can get up early in the morning then go for a fasted cardio 2-3x a day. You would love you newfound lean body!

Get full sleep:

I can’t stress getting a full night’s sleep enough. While holidays are mostly for relaxing, I have a tendency to overindulge in the party scene which makes lose precious sleep. A stressed-out body pack on weight. At least, it does on me. When I don’t get enough sleep, my cortisol level increases and I start getting love handles! Do you want to be skinny fat? Get 7-8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep even on holidays and keep the flab away for good.

Eat healthily:

Mexico food is simply heavenly. If that’s not enough, Akumal has many great eateries and restaurants serving International cuisine. It gets very difficult to curb your appetite. To counter this I eat only lean meats, lots of salad and green vegetables. I prefer chicken and fish to beef. I make a point to curb my snacking habits. A little bit of snacking here and there throughout the day add up to a lot of calories. Also, I stay away from fast food joints and soda and choose restaurants which serve slow-cooked food.


Similar to #1. Since I have a gym in my community, I lift weights just 3x a day and it keeps my muscles ripped. I am always beach ready with a flat stomach and tight body.

Keep high spirits without Spirits:

Beach and beer is an unbeatable combination. Who doesn’t just sit back on the beach and drink their six packs while soaking the sun? Nice…eh? But this is the best way to get a beer belly in no time. Limit your alcohol intake or stay away from it altogether. It sounds difficult but it won’t hurt you to at least try it.