While living our daily lives certain situations sometimes arise which lead to excess panic and stress. But when a panic attack strikes it turns out to be almost impossible for you to keep control over yourself. This can cause a lot of loss and damage if you let this happen to you all the time. In order to fight panic attacks, you need to know what it is and how it happens.

What panic actually refers to is just the excess adrenaline that runs throughout your body when you confront a possible life-threatening situation which also can be caused by something that has triggered an event from your past that might have as well placed you in a similar lethal or fatal or even a life-threatening situation.


Panic attacks are mainly physiological therefore it is totally up to you to take control over these. Feelings of panic can prove to be very scary, but the feelings you have are basically your body telling you that you have to either fight or run away from the potential danger that is coming your way. They are actually the involuntary mechanisms which have evolved to protect you from external danger and threats.

But in order to maintain a steady and healthy life otherwise, you will find yourself getting into more and more trouble. In order to avoid all this and stop panic attacks, you need to close your eyes for a second, take a deep breath and rationalize your thoughts and clear your mind from doubts and trouble. There are lots of other things, which can help you, relieve yourself from all this:

The first thing that you need to understand is that panic attacks are basically a state of mind. A panic attack can either be a very frightening and uncomfortable experience or it can be the cause for a lot of problems in your life, but it is absolutely not dangerous if you get to know how to keep a control over it. Therefore, what you need to understand is that panic attacks are a state of mind, not an illness. With some exceptions only and in some particular cases is a panic attack can be considered as symptoms of another illness.

In most cases of depression or panic attacks, it has been seen through research and observation that the reason for such things to occur to people is a severe feeling of solitude and loneliness. You must make yourself realize that you are not alone and that people and friends are with you. Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder that many other people share.

Medications are also very often used to treat such panic disorders and people with severe depression problems and they have been shown to be both safe and effective. The pharmacological treatments which have been acclaimed throughout the world and that are prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists who include antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

Calling a friend and having an open conversation can help in relieving stress to a great extent. However, there can also be a side-effect to relying on a friend. If your panic attacks after a certain point of time become a recurring event, it might become tempting to call that person every time and that might put off your friend. Therefore, the ultimate medicine to stop panic attacks is you keeping a check on yourself and adopting self-help methods.